When I was having my morning coffee today a peculiar thing happened.

Sitting at the table opposite me there was a strange man. He was smiling to himself and seemed to be enjoying a hilarious joke. "Weirdo" I thought. . .

Just as I was thinking this he looked up and smiled. There was something sickening about that smile. He had teeth . . . I know we all have teeth, but he had rows of teeth behind his teeth, rows of tiny sharp teeth. And he wasn't smiling anymore. . . he was just staring at me.

The House On Kofax Avenue

scary short story

167 Kofax avenue is legendary around here for its macabre and strange history.

In 1981 neighbours became suspicious when the Douglas family, Andrew, June and their three daughters hadn't been seen either entering or leaving the house in over 4 weeks.
When police broke down the front door to investigate they discovered one of the strangest crime scenes ever recorded in English history.

Herby The Hippo - fairground slaughterer

scary short story urban legend

Up until 1957 this beach was home to a fairground called "Herby's amazing world of fun". The main attraction that drew the crowds was Herby himself, a seven foot chubby hippo that every kid wanted to have his picture taken with. All the adults knew that inside the costume it was just Herb the fairground owner, but the children thought it was a real Hippo. 

Four Dead Girls

scary short story

The four girls were told only one thing by their father when they moved Into to the old house... .

"If you cross the stream in the garden, don't touch anything that was made by human hands".

The Face In The Shadows

scary short story

It's 2.00 am and I am terrified.

I had that dream again where the large faced man strangles me in the dark.

But that wasn't why I was scared. When I awoke I heard heavy footsteps running across the floor in the room next to me. None of the lights would turn on so I lit a candle and went to investigate.