Four Dead Girls

scary short story

The four girls were told only one thing by their father when they moved Into to the old house... .

"If you cross the stream in the garden, don't touch anything that was made by human hands".

One spring evening one of the girls, overwhelmed by curiosity decided to cross the stepping stones to the other side of the stream. She had to really... How else would she be able to find out what that strange little box was that sat peeping out of the grass? It had been peeping at her for days now. She'd open it. . .  Just a tiny bit. And then put it back. 
The three other girls, unaware their sister had gone, heard a terrifying scream ring out through the garden. They ran towards the sound. Towards their sister.

The eldest instantly realized their mistake. "we've crossed the stream!! You idiot Charlie! What have you done?" But Charlie didn't answer. . . She just stood staring into a small open box on the ground. Her face was frozen in a fixed grin of sheer terror. So afraid she was no longer able to produce a sound.

The girls, confused and afraid, didn't know why their sister was so scared. "what's wrong Charlie?

But when they looked inside the box they knew why Charlie had been screaming. . . . And they began screaming too.

Their father, who had heard the screams ran down through the garden and across the stream. He saw four small trees that hadn't been there the day before. He saw a small box, with its lid wide open. Knowing exactly what had happened he closed the box. . . . And ran back towards the house.

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