Herby The Hippo - fairground slaughterer

scary short story urban legend

Up until 1957 this beach was home to a fairground called "Herby's amazing world of fun". The main attraction that drew the crowds was Herby himself, a seven foot chubby hippo that every kid wanted to have his picture taken with. All the adults knew that inside the costume it was just Herb the fairground owner, but the children thought it was a real Hippo. 

During the Christmas of 1956 five children went missing and the locals became increasingly worried about "Herb" as some of the parents had claimed they had seen a grinning hippo face peering through the windows of their houses at night-time. 

On the parks opening day of summer, police were called to Herbs amazing world of fun after children had complained that there was a foul smell coming from Herby the Hippo when they were having their pictures taken. When the police removed the hippo costume they discovered the rotting remains of the five children stuffed inside the suit. 

Herb had said that the children loved the hippo so much he wanted them to be a part of it forever.

Before he was cuffed Herb somehow managed to struggle free of the police officer and set himself alight in the suit leaving a nightmarish image that the locals would never be able to forget. 
The parents of the deceased children say that some nights at midnight they hear a knock at the front door. But they never answer. . . 
As they know they will be greeted by a charred, smiling hippo trying to return the crudely stitched-together pieces of their children.

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