When I was having my morning coffee today a peculiar thing happened.

Sitting at the table opposite me there was a strange man. He was smiling to himself and seemed to be enjoying a hilarious joke. "Weirdo" I thought. . .

Just as I was thinking this he looked up and smiled. There was something sickening about that smile. He had teeth . . . I know we all have teeth, but he had rows of teeth behind his teeth, rows of tiny sharp teeth. And he wasn't smiling anymore. . . he was just staring at me.

I looked around the coffee shop, desperate to find a friendly face. But I didn't, and something strange was happening. The other customers weren't moving. They weren't speaking. . . and they looked afraid.

They seemed to be having difficulty breathing as well and some of them had started to turn blue. The only part of them that could move was their eyes. Out of desperation they all stared at me with wild bulging eyes. They seemed to want me to help them.

As I was about to make a move towards the man closest to me, his left eye popped and fluid trickled down his cheek. The noise was revolting and the second eye soon followed suit.

Unable to block out the sound, pop followed pop as all the customers eyes burst one by one. But this wasn't the only sound. . . the man was laughing again but this time it was deafeningly loud. I looked over to him but now he had changed. His whole face was made up entirely of teeth.

I went to run but I was frozen. I tried to scream but I could barely even breathe. The walls had begun closing in and the cafe was somehow getting longer! It was stretching. And what was that pressure I could feel in my head.

Before I could think another thought my eyes burst. . . and then I found I was able to scream after all.

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