The Face In The Shadows

scary short story

It's 2.00 am and I am terrified.

I had that dream again where the large faced man strangles me in the dark.

But that wasn't why I was scared. When I awoke I heard heavy footsteps running across the floor in the room next to me. None of the lights would turn on so I lit a candle and went to investigate.

There must have been a power cut as even the street lights had gone out. The house was completely dark and the candle did nothing apart from illuminate my hand. I crept through the house as quietly as possible, so I wouldn't disturb who ever had been running across my living room. I didn't want them to know I was coming. When I reached the living room door I pressed my ear against it and listened.

Silence. . . There was silence because on the other side of the door someone was there. And they had their ear pressed to the door too.. . listening for me.

I was nervous now. The sound of my own beating heart filled my ears and I wished I had stayed in bed. The beautiful feeling of fear was being replaced with foul anxiety. Having to do something I kicked the door. More silence. . .and then that sound again. Heavy lumbered footsteps running across the wood floor.

As soon as I opened the door I heard the door opposite me slam shut. He was trying to get away. Good. But he had gone the wrong way. He would now be trapped in a long corridor that led to a back door that was seized shut. I crossed the room and entered the corridor.

The darkness in here was stifling and it felt like it was suffocating me. All I could see now was my hand and the candle. I slowly walked down the corridor and was nearly at the end. He HAD to be close now.

At the end of the corridor I could see someone. A large figure crouched in the corner. He appeared to be wearing rags and had long messy hair. I decided to turn round and just leave the house but now I could hear something behind me. . . Breathing. . .

There must be more than one of them I thought, I turned round and slowly a large face appeared right next to the candle. The face was twice the size of mine and he was grinning. His toothless mouth was dripping with saliva.

Before I had time to think of a way out.

He blew out the candle.

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