The House On Kofax Avenue

scary short story

167 Kofax avenue is legendary around here for its macabre and strange history.

In 1981 neighbours became suspicious when the Douglas family, Andrew, June and their three daughters hadn't been seen either entering or leaving the house in over 4 weeks.
When police broke down the front door to investigate they discovered one of the strangest crime scenes ever recorded in English history.

The downstairs living room had been converted into and old fashioned children's classroom. Two spotlights were pointing at a blackboard where the words "watch the teacher" were written in chalk. Four small wooden desks were placed in a line at the front of the classroom and a deceased member of the Douglas family sat in each one, facing the blackboard.

In order to make sure they were in fact "watching the teacher" their eyelids had been removed making it impossible for them not to see whatever sinister lesson teacher had been giving.
It would appear that the family had not been enjoying the lessons as they had been forced to scratch "learning is fun" into every surface of the entire house until their fingers were nothing but bloody stumps.
The police were unable to find Mariannne, the youngest daughter anywhere in the house. However on her bed there was a small trophy with an inscription on it.

The inscription read . . . "teacher's pet"

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