While He's away - Part Four

As Jen sat there in her blood stained wedding dress, she could hear him in the kitchen clunking about. She wasn’t sure how long she had been out for before but it must have been a while if he had had time to rearrange all her furniture. She looked at the dining table, all laid out for dinner. Great she thought. She had previously been full of hope that she could escape somehow but now those thought seemed ridiculous. She looked down at her wrist, now free from the cord. She thought it looked pathetic, a slender, bruised, tiny wrist. What was she possibly going to do against someone like him? And she felt weak. . . so weak.

While He's Away - Part Three

When Jen finally awoke instead of being glad she was alive, she wished she dead. The pain that she thought was bad before was a thousand times worse now. Her mouth felt like it had been filled with boiling water and then stuffed with cotton. She wasn’t even sure if she was breathing. It didn’t feel like she was breathing. Every so often what felt like thick blood would run down the back of her throat making her gag and she would regurgitate it back out through a tiny gap at the front of her mouth.

While He's Away - Part one

Five miles away from the village and two miles from the nearest house, the little cottage stood alone. At this time of year the whole area was engulfed in real country darkness and the cottage glowed like a single candle in an otherwise pitch black room. Wind and rain pelted the outside of the house and the windows were close to freezing.

Inside however, there was a different atmosphere entirely. Jen sat in the living room on the little couch wrapped in a blanket feeling toasty warm. The blanket was completely unneeded as she had put the fire on a few hours before and the room was baking hot. The blanket was more for comfort really rather than anything else as she had planned on watching a creepy film before going to bed.

While He's Away - Part Two

When Jen awoke the next morning she immediately noticed two things that were wrong.  One; there was a strange smell in the bedroom, a damp smell. And two, the mirror on her dresser had moved. Only slightly, but enough so that she could see her own reflection in the mirror from where she lay. Her reflection looked back at her in the bed with puzzled eyes. She was lying on her side and she was desperately trying to remember if she had moved the dresser before going to bed. She dint think she had, she couldn’t think of any possible reason why she would have moved the dresser.


This mask was banned in 1995 after a gruesome incident in Americas Midwest.

Often parents would wake in the night to hear their child singing the theme tune to Woody's round up.