This mask was banned in 1995 after a gruesome incident in Americas Midwest.

Often parents would wake in the night to hear their child singing the theme tune to Woody's round up.

If the parent entered the room before the end of the song they would find their child sitting up in bed, normally staring at their open bedroom window. When asked what they were doing the child would say "woody came to see me!"

If they entered the room after the song had ended. . . and when the room was quiet . . . they would find something quite different.

The room would be empty and on the walls, written in blood would be the words "Somebody's poisoned the water hole". There would be no sign of the child.

One night a parent managed to see the assailant. As he opened his child's bedroom door he saw a large version of woody leaving through the bedroom window with his child in his arms. He said the man was wearing a woody costume and a woody mask. He said that the creepiest thing was that woody appeared to have no eyes behind the mask.

The police were called and managed to follow the trail of the child's blood to an old mining cave.

In the cave the nine missing children were sitting watching Toy story. The cave was full of toy story memorabilia and the film was playing.

Each child had a woody mask stitched onto their face making them impossible to remove without surgery.

Each child had also had a pull string crudely inserted into their backs.

The man in the woody mask was found dead a mile from the scene.

Ironically. . . there had been a snake in his boot.

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