While He's away - Final Part.

Fuelled with adrenaline and anger Jen reached down and picked up the knife. She cut her left hand free and started working on her ankles. The first cord snapped free with ease but the second ankle was bound too tight. Sure he would wake up at any second she looked round the room for anything that she could use that might help. . . but there was nothing.

The cord was tied too tight against her ankle and there was no way she could squeeze the knife through to saw her way out.

She looked over at the man. He was lying there right next to her, but he wasn’t dead. She could see his large back rising and falling with big heavy breaths. She wished she could go back to two nights ago and just be watching Sister Act and thinking about hot chocolate. But that felt like a lifetime away now. How could one man fuck up your whole world in one night, Jen thought. It normally took men at least three months to do that. 

He would wake up sooner or later and she had to be as far away from him as possible. She considered just hopping off and dragging the chair behind her attached to her leg, but knew that would make too much noise. And how far could she possibly get with a hunk of heavy wood stuck to her.

She pressed the knife flat against against her ankle and tried to wiggle it under the cord. Still it would not go under.

“Come on Jen. . . just cut it out. . . “ Jen pressed the skin next to the cord as flat as possible with her left hand and began sawing with the knife. As the knife was half way through the cord it began to tear through the surrounding skin. Gritting her teeth jen kept sawing until the cord fell to the floor.
She stood up fast and the room span around her. Trying as hard as she could to focus she made her way to the hallway.

“Please be here, please be here, please be here” jen whispered under her breath as she searched through her coat pocket on the rack by the front door. Her hand felt around and just when she thought they weren’t there she found them. . .

Her keys.

Unlocking the front door she hobbled out towards the driveway and unlocked her car. She kept looking up at the living room window, positive that any second she would see the large silhouette of that freak approach the window. Opening the car door as quietly as she could she slunk inside and closed it behind her. The car was dark and cool. It felt safe and Jen wished she could just go to sleep for a while. Just an hour or so to recuperate. But that could wait, she started the engine and checked the rear view mirror before reversing.

But Jen wasn’t going anywhere. . .

Her heart sank as she saw a large black car parked right behind hers on the drive.

“Shit” she muttered and opened the car door as quietly as she could, a trail of blood dripped down her leg as she moved to the back of her car. Surely he didn’t drive here, she thought, he doesn’t look like he’d be able to drive. Unless someone else drove him.

These thought’s vanished as soon as she saw the car up close. It was micks.
She peered through the window and tapped on the glass.

“Mick? Mick are you in there?”

The inside of the car was dark and it was hard to make anything out apart from the front seats, which were empty. She tried the door handle but of course it was locked.

Where the hell is he? He must have parked up and come straight in the house, but I would have heard him. Unless he heard what was going on and called the police. But why wouldn’t he have tried to help me. . .

Unsure of what to do, Jen stood by the car under the glow of the moonlight. She saw the blood flowing down the driveway and knew it would be pointless trying to run down the road. It was miles to the next house and she wasn’t sure how far she would get on this leg. Mick might be nearby as well and she wouldn’t go until she found him.

Deciding anything was better than standing out in the open she decided to hide somewhere. And she knew exactly where to go. Jen opened the boot of her car and took out the picnic blanket. She wrapped it over her bad foot and pulled it tight. There was no way she was going to hide somewhere and leave a trail of blood all the way to her hiding place.

Around the side of the house Jen saw that the gate was already opened. Her walking was becoming lumbered now and she was lugging her leg behind her as she made her way round to the back garden. Looking over her shoulder she looked over to the house, it was eerily silent and looking peaceful with each window glowing with light. She sighed and thought that she would never be happy in that house ever again. Not after this. They would have to move.

In the darkness it was hard to make out the Wendy house, and that was good. Her hands felt around for the little doorknob in the bush, skimming across dewy leaves until she found it. The door creaked open and she stepped inside. She sat down and wrapped the blanket around her shoulders. It was damp with blood but she didn’t care. She looked through the window pane and watched the house, it was still quiet and each window looked empty. Feeling slightly relieved she sat back in the darkness, and fell asleep.

Dawn was approaching and the sun started to rise spilling a dreamy warm glow across the front of the house. Inside the house the large man was desperately trying to find Jen. She was his girlfriend now and he would find her. He had trusted her, she said they were friends but now she was gone. And he was going to make her pay for that.

He knew she was the right one the first time he’d seen her. He had been walking across the field on the way to the house in the woods and he had heard them talking. Her voice had floated across to him on the wind and he just had to see her. He had too. He was with his brother and he begged him for his binoculars. His brother tossed them onto the floor and he had snatched them up.

And then he had seen her. He thought she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen and he wanted her. He would go back and see her he thought. Maybe she would think the same about him.

Every room had been searched and there was no sign of her anywhere. He had checked the entire upstairs. He had even checked under the beds. His brother had told him that sometimes they hide under the beds, and that’s the best place because it’s so much fun when you drag them out screaming. His brother was smarter than him, but this time he had been wrong. There was no one under the beds.


Inside the Wendy house Jen’s eyes flickered awake and she could hear something breaking. The sound seemed far away but it sounded violent. Remembering where she was she jolted upright. The pain from the night before had settled slightly and her ankle was bearable. She looked out of the little window and she saw him. She could see his large outline through the dining room window and he was smashing the mirror. Jen skulked down just in case he looked over in her direction.

“He won’t see me” she whispered into the Wendy house. “He won’t find me”.
Jen watched as he moved from room to room. He’d leave soon she thought. The sun will come up and he’ll leave. And I’ll have made it.

And the sun did come up. Light spilled over the roof of the house and creepy up the garden. Jen covered her eyes as the little Wendy house turned from dark to light and suddenly she was aware that she wasn’t alone. Goosebumps crept over her entire body and out of the corner of her eye she saw someone over her shoulder.

Jen turned round and looked at the corner of the Wendy house,  and when she saw him she screamed.. .  And screamed. . . and screamed. . .

Slumped in the damp corner of the wendy house was Mick. Both his eyes were missing and it was obvious that he was dead. His face was a stale grey colour and his skin looked translucent.

Jen couldn’t bear to see him like this, not her Mick. As she turned away the wendy house door burst open and the man was on her within a second. She held her arms up to defend herself at first but thought it was pointless. Something heavy struck her on the head and her vision started to turn black, she was sleepy now. . . so sleepy, and she was scared. Scared of the darkness that was coming.

She could feel Mick close by and reached out and held his hand.

“I’m scared Mick”

 “Do you trust me” he said. . .

Jen tried to smile “yes. . . yes I do”

“Then there’s nothing to be scared of”

And they both went into the darkness together.

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