Thank you for reading this if you are!

My name is Tom, or Tommy or Tommee dee. I am 32 and I'm currently stranded in Newcastle in the North East of England. I'm originally from Brighton which is right at the South of England.

I like to make up stories in my head about EVERYTHING. Anything I see I like to make up a story for it. I think it started when I was at school. I'd get so bored in exams and to fill the time up I'd make up a story about the pencil, and then a story about the clock, and then about how the teacher probably has a secret life and isn't really a teacher at all. Maybe the teacher was me sent back from the future to make sure I don't day dream through the exam (it turns out he wasn't).

The stories got stranger and stranger and from that point onward I didn't have to think up stories anymore, they would just pop into my head. And they have done ever since.

I made this page in case any one ever finds the stories and likes to read them! And I really hope you do like them! Or hate them. But never in-between.

Please do comment on anything you want! I love reading comments and its nice to meet new people and I'll always comment back. And if anything on here offends anyone please comment to let me know. I wont ever change anything I've written but I always love knowing what people get offended by!

My email address is on the contact page if you want to get in touch!

All pictures and stories on here are written and taken by me.

Thanks for reading.